Electrical system

To provide you with the comprehensive operation of construction machinery, we provide all the necessary parts that are necessary for their proper functioning. We have in the offer:

  • motor starters,
  • solenoid, sensor,
  • steering units,
  • wiring gp,
  • horn gp,
  • fuse, safety valve,
  • dynamo, generator,
  • dashboard,
  • headlights,
  • monitor, on -board computer.

All parts come from proven manufacturers

Thanks to many years of experience on the market, we can professionally evaluate the quality of components delivered. For our customers we choose parts that are reliable and durable.


Elements of electrical system in backhoe-loaders

We provide parts that will enable reliable operation of the various components of the electrical system, including:

  • gauges (tachometer , Coolant temperature indicator, fuel gauge, clock ),
  • warning system,
  • battery,
  • alternator,
  • lights, (rear and front working lights).


Electrical system breakdown in construction machines

Lack of regular repairs or omision of replacing the parts can result in problems with the electrical system. It may cause unnecessary and unexpected pauses at machine's work. During the winter season, low temperatures and high humidity can adversely affect the proper functioning of the machine - especially on its electrical system.


High efficiency of backhoe-loaders' work

We advise in selecting individual items and whole systems, taking into account the purpose of the machine and important factory settings. We take into consideration all electrical system requirements (both the average demand and the highest power). A properly functioning electrical system is not only needed for reliable machine operation but also essential for high machine efficiency. It allows you to achieve such benefits as:

  • Increasing of digging speed,
  • Increasing of engine speed,
  • Shortening of cycle time,
  • Improving efficiency of whole machine.

Every day Cogito trade managers are sharing with you the knowledge and experience with you to advise you the right choice of single components and whole systems. We kindly invite you to contact us.

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