Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of construction machines includes such elements as pump, driving motor, rotary engine, valve bank and cooling system, additional accessories. We supply parts for excavators of renowned manufacturers. We have components that take into account the standard solutions used in the hydraulic systems of the most common models of excavators. In addition, we also supply parts that are adapted to selected models of construction machinery and take into account the specific refinements used in their hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic system parts:

  • hydraulic pumps,
  • filters,
  • hydraulic houses,
  • seals,
  • cylinders.


Failures of the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is used to drive work and drive movements. Its proper functioning is absolutely essential for proper operation of the construction machine. Hydraulic failure can often involve heavy expenditure on parts purchases and repair. Therefore, we advise you to use replacement parts that can be worn quickly.


Problems with the proper functioning of the hydraulic system in excavators or backhoe loaders can be easily observed. Before a big crash, the most common symptoms are:

  • Stopping of an internal combustion engine,
  • Noisy work of pump or hydraulic motor,
  • Sudden and significant pressure jumps,
  • Leakage from pump or hydraulic motor.

Diagnosis of the hydraulic system

Diagnostics of the hydraulic system is primarily a measure of pressure, flow and leakage. The presence of significant deviations from the norm may indicate problems with the hydraulic system. Operating the machine with the failure of the hydraulic system can result in failure of the entire system. Therefore, the quick replacement of individual components will save us from long machine downtime and high repair.

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